JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Governor Tate Reeves responded to Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s claim that Mississippi and other states are to blame for illegal guns in her city. The City of Chicago has seen a spike in gun violence this summer.

In an interview with MSNBC, Lightfoot said, “Sixty percent of the illegal guns that come into Chicago every year are from out of state, from Indiana, from Mississippi, from other states that have lax gun laws.”

Reeves fired back on Twitter Wednesday morning.

“The Chicago mayor says Mississippians are to blame for the out-of-control violence plaguing her city. It’s a pathetic excuse for the failure of left-wing experiments in undermining police and letting criminals run free.”

Gov. Tate Reeves via Twitter

Following the recent crime in the City of Jackson, City Council President Aaron Banks is calling for both branches of local government to find ways to combat issues.

“We must address gun shows and ensure that tougher penalties are put in place for those vendors that do not follow proper background checks and other protocol measures. We must work to strengthen our police department. We must find creative ways to address staffing issues, pay shortages and other things that hinder our men and women in blue from doing their jobs effectively. We must increase visibility,” said Banks.