Mississippi governor signs bill to eliminate licensing requirements for some professions


HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WHLT) – Governor Tate Reeves signed a new bill that would allow certain cosmetology services without specific licensing and hours requirements.

House Bill 1312 allows cosmetologists to apply makeup, eyebrow threading and eyelash extensions without a state license.

Lisa Cochran, who is the Chief Inspiration Officer of The Studio Aveda Salon, said a portion of this bill is good for stylists moving to Mississippi.

“I think there’s a portion of this bill that’s very good  for those moving into our state”

The president of Empower Mississippi, Russ Latino, said this new legislation gives Mississippians an excellent opportunity to earn a living.

“It’s really not about getting rid of all regulations. It’s about making sure regulations designed in a smart way that doesn’t present burdens for people who otherwise have an opportunity to earn a living for themselves and their family,” stated Latino.

Cochran said she does have some concerns regarding licensing on the aspect of eyelash extensions.

“I would careful of the freedom around the eyelash extensions, because anytime you’re coming near someone’s eye, there’s the danger of eye infection, if there’s not some type of regulation to make sure you’re being cleaned,” she said.

Cochran is concerned about the safety practices being enforced for unlicensed cosmetologist.

“The concern to me is will this same group of unregulated business owners or employees will they go about those same safety practices. I think that’s something the consumer needs to be aware of.”

This new law will still require a cosmetologist to have a license to operate.

The bill is expected to become law on July 1, 2021.

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