Mississippi Gulf Coast in Recovery Mode after Nate

Harrison County Sand Beach_437328

The Mississippi Gulf Coast is officially in cleanup mode this week after “Nate” rolled through the region over the weekend.

MDOT (Mississippi Department of Transportation) crews were dispatched all along the coast today to clean up roads covered in sand and beaches full of debris.

Rupert Lacy, the Director of Harrison County Emergency Management said that the storm surge from Nate could have been deadly and we’re lucky it wasn’t worse.

“We hate to compare storm to storm, but for a water value, ten and a half foot, and that’s not counting wave action on top, people could’ve drowned,” said Lacy.

Lacy also said that they are hoping to get some federal funds to help repair infrastructure damage.

The Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality came out with a statement through its beach monitoring program on Monday morning that all of it’s beaches will be closed until debris is cleared and the water is deemed safe for the public.

Chuck Loftis, the Director of Sand Beach in Harrison County, said that they were able to assess the damage on Sunday and got started on the cleanup on Monday.

“There’s too much debris from piers and things of this nature with nails,” said Loftis. “So we want to get most of that taken care of before the beaches are opened in Harrison County.”

Loftis says there is no timetable as to when the beaches will open again, but they will be cleaning the beach in sections and will open up certain sections once they are cleared.

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