JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — Children at Batson’s Hospital with long-term illnesses will be able to enjoy a little bit of traditional Christmas thanks to some donations.

Mississippi Highway Patrol and the Department of Public Safety came together to collect toys that will be delivered by Santa’s Elves this Christmas.

Leaders of both departments said that this is the perfect way to help young people enjoy Christmas.

“Maybe they don’t know who we are,” said Randy Ginn, Director of MHP. “But there are people out there who still care about them, who wish them well, have them in our prayers and are pulling for them to overcome whatever is happening in their life that’s got them here now.”

“We’re trying to do the best we can to make sure these kids have a joyful Christmas and new year,” said Sean Tindell, Commissioner of DPS. “These children here at the hospital are going through a lot and we want to make sure they have smiles on their faces.”

Tindell said it’s impossible to truly sub for Santa, but that they are a close second.