DMV locations reopen across Mississippi


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — Many people dread the days where they have to make a trip to the DMV, but not on reopening day.

Three people to seemed to agree that the only silver lining through the pandemic is the shorter wait time, including Daniel Spann.

“It was very quick!” Spann said. “I was in there like in and out! I though it was gonna be all day but it was like two minutes in and out! Everything is so much better, I like it.”

One man named Keith Downs was getting a new ID card, he said that in the past he’s had to wait up to three hours but on Monday he only had to wait 30 minutes.

“I’m just grateful that they’re open,” Downs said. “We can start moving on from this. It’s been a long road to travel. We’re looking great.”

Debra Dye said she had even more luck than Downs in terms of timing as she changed her mailing info.

“I came in here because I had moved to a new address,” Dye said. “I didn’t know anything about how to go online to change my address or anything and they told me how to do it. It didn’t take but two minutes!”

Spann, Downs and Dye all said that they all felt safe inside and that the staff were taking every precaution to prevent the virus from spreading.


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