Mississippi lawmakers react to lockdown, protests on U.S. Capitol grounds


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Following violent protests by supporters of President Trump on Wednesday at the U.S. Capitol, lawmakers were required to evacuate from the House and Senate floor and the count for electoral vote remain at a halt.

Inside the building at the time of the breach were Mississippi representatives, including Congressman Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.), House of Representative Trent Kelly (R-Miss.) and Congressman Michael Guest (R-Miss.).

Thompson and Kelly tweeted the following after being escorted to safety:

Thompson released a statement to 12 News later in the evening.

I am safe. Thank you for your prayers! 
The events of today are the inevitable result of the tyrannical and idiotic leadership of Donald Trump. It is domestic terrorism and armed insurrection. This possibly would not have happened if Senate Republicans stepped up to the plate and removed their despicable leader. He needs to just leave and never come back. Trump fed this monster with his vile and dangerous talk. As a country, it is time to accept that Joe Biden will be the 46th President of the United States of America and move on.

Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.)

Thompson, Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves and Mississippi Commissioner of Agriculture Andy Gipson also shared their reaction to the ongoing riots.

“Political violence is always wrong. Law and order must win over mob rule. The country we love desperately needs prayer and God’s protection,” expressed Gov. Reeves.

“These thugs have no respect for our democracy,” tweeted Thompson.

“The violent storming of the Capitol is unacceptable in our country governed by the rule of law. The protesters who stormed the Capitol have done nothing to help; only hurt their cause. Pray for America, for only God can save us,” tweeted Gipson.

Congressman Guest also released the following comment to 12 News.

“I was on the house floor when protesters attempted to breach the chamber. Capital Police evacuated all members off the floor and into one of the committee rooms. It is a sad day for our country,” he stated.

Additional Mississippi lawmakers and political organizations responded to the violence.

The Mississippi Democratic Party released the following statement on behalf of Chairman Tyree Irving:

“Today, our nation’s Capitol was taken siege by a Pro-Trump mob. It is my belief that words matter, particularly those of a leader. President Donald Trump’s words incited widespread violence and was an attack on our democracy. Sadly, this unprecedented assault on our nation will never be forgotten.”


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