Mississippi medical field experiencing staff shortages


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Unemployment has run out and companies are looking to hire, but no one is applying. Some of the biggest jobs needing to be filled are in the medical field.

According to the Mississippi Department of Employment Security, the biggest job demand is in the medical field, specifically nurses.

Tim Moore, with the Mississippi Hospital Association, said it is their job to advocate for hospitals across the state. He said the lack of people to fill jobs comes partly from the pandemic and the increased need for health care workers across the country.

Moore said a lot of healthcare workers have been pulled from Mississippi to help other states battle the pandemic. Other factors include better competitive pay, people moving out of state, and some who have left the medical field because of the pandemic. He also said with some COVID vaccine mandates nationwide, the issue could also push some people over the edge.

“There is a lot of concern that it will to some degree. There are three different prongs there. There’s the OSHA regulation, the direct contract with the government and staff, and then there’s is the CMS, the healthcare side. We from day one we have been supportive of vaccinating healthcare workers for lots of reasons. protect the patient, protect yourself, protect your family at home,” he explained.

Moore said being in healthcare is a very rewarding career, and there needs to be a move to get people to see that and remember that.

He said if things continue on this same trajectory, we could see significant medical staff shortages for years to come.

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