Mississippi Miracles Radiothon: Jordan’s Story


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Batson Children’s Hospital is kicking off their annual radiothon.

It’s a three-day event to raise money for specialized equipment for the state’s only children’s hospital.

Jordan Morgan of Clinton was born 11 weeks premature and later diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

Though initially doctors said he might never be able to feed himself, walk or write his name … now at age 13, there’s almost nothing Jordan can’t do.

He’s a Batson Hospital miracle.

“Well, I can actually see myself doing a lot of things,” Jordan Morgan, a Batson patient, said.

WJTV’s Melanie Christopher replies, “Tell me.”

“Cooking, having my own music, and making movies.” Jordan answers.

WJTV’s Melanie Christopher asks, “What kind of movies?”

“Anything that is PG-13 and below. It has to be action packed, have lots of music in it and it has to be very funny,” Jordan responds.

Corrine Sampson says Jordan’s sharp intellect along with his great sense of humor keeps her on her toes doing their weekly physical therapy sessions at the Blair E. Batson Hospital for Children.

“He’s always working hard.  He’s into swimming, piano, basketball, used to be in cub scouts, the sky’s the limit,” Corrine Sampson, a Batson Physical Therapist, said

Sampson says Jordan’s family has learned from Batson doctors and therapists and implemented a home program.

“He really has the attitude that there shouldn’t be anything he can’t do and one of the things that really amazes me is that Jordan and his mom get up really early in the morning before school and work really hard at his exercises and then he goes to school. He is in regular classes, he goes skating. Jordan has problems with his legs, as he says a walking condition. He can actually roller skate with his walker and he just doesn’t let it slow him down,” Sampson said.

Jordan also likes to cook.

“I even make my own kind of sauce, where. I’m not going to say the recipe, but I’m just going to tell you that it goes on hamburger patties and it’s green.  and it’s called goose sauce,” Jordan said.

WJTV’s Melanie Christopher asks,  “Does it have avocado in it?”

“I said I’m not telling you the recipe,” Jordan responds.

The number to call to donate is 1-888-681-KIDS (5437).

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