Mississippi Moment: The Plot for the Parks


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV )- A friend of mine, Jerry Bowen, has been after me for a while to say something about a topic that has been on his mind for a few years. And that is the deplorable condition of the road that goes to Buddy Butts Park.

If you aren’t familiar with it, the park is off of McRaven Road in southwest Jackson near Clinton. The road is also known as the waterways road because this is where the old concrete model of the Mississippi River is located that was used for decades to predict floods before computers.

Jerry’s interest in the park is the flying field model airplanes. This is one of his hobbies, but the road is in such a bad condition, you are more likely to crash your car getting to the field than to your plane once you get it to airborne.

There are soccer fields in the park, and some of the teams have to forfeit games because the opposing teams refused to drive their vehicles down that road.

Jerry said emergency vehicles could never make it in, so the city may be putting itself in legal liability, if someone is injured in the park or has a heart attack and they can’t get an ambulance in.

In the original plot for the City of Jackson, the town was checker boarded with parks, but most of those parks are long gone, paved over or housed over. But, it seems to me a park would be one of the first places the municipality could directly touch its citizenry.


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