Mississippi Moment: Windsor and the Jet


CLAIBORNE COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) – It wasn’t a historic moment or anything. It was a juxtaposition of eras: the Antebellum with the Modern.

Let me call your attention to that speck of an airplane up above the columns of Windsor in a freeze frame before the motion starts. Because if you don’t look quick, you’ll miss it.

I don’t know that I caught the it, before I started panning down the columns. I think if I had, I would have stayed on it longer. Because as the plane got closer, I started paying attention to it. I don’t know what you’s call it, but maybe the comparison of the ruins inter-played with something as modern as a jet just struck me as odd. 

The plane had flown well past me and the ruins, before I ever heard the sound from it. By then, it was way off in the distance and leaving us behind. 

The rigidity and immobility of the ruins and the fluid motion of the jet begged some sort of analysis: the antiquity against the contemporary. The passing of time, perhaps. Time always in motion, never stopping, against the static nature of the ruins. 

But in reality, time has touched them, too. They are ruins.

The ruins of Windsor are interesting to me: The sense of loss of the old house that once stood there. And yet, the ruins that are probably more fascinating than the house still standing would ever have been.

I mean, your imagination can play with the ruins. This story is an example. 

And I guess, we can become ruins if we stay planted in one place too long. As a person, and as a society. Then again, all of this may be way off base, and I just got carried away with the airplane and the ruins and the chance to visit one of my favorite places. 

The ruins of Windsor are west of Port Gibson. They are owned by the state and are free to visit. 


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