Mississippi National Guard provides water tankers for Jackson neighbors


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – People of South Jackson and those off Beasley Rd. were granted some much-needed help through the Mississippi National Guard supplying water tank trucks carrying clean water.

After more than a week of no running water, this aid came at a crucial time for certain people. After hearing we’ll need to wait for private contractors to supply tank trucks and wait for them to get inspected Governor Tate Reeves abruptly changed course Tuesday night announcing the National Guard will take over bringing four trucks of clean water to Jackson.

Even for those who’ve been saving their own bottles of water for months, the supply was going scarce as they enter day eight of no running water.

“Started saving bottles up when the pandemic hit,” Chaundra Abston told us at Forest Hill High. “So when we first heard about no water, I think I had 15-20 bottles left. So that water just ran out on Sunday. Sites like this make a great difference.”

Going from 9:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. until the 27th the National Guard will station a 5,000-gallon tank truck filled with clean water you can use for bathing, washing dishes, and flushing toilets. Located at Forest Hill, Callaway, and Provine High, or Walton Elementary.

“That is a big difference, especially when you can’t get water in your house to even boil,” Rodney Rainey said. “I caught a lot of the snow when it was melting to use to flush the toilets, boil and wash dishes with. But unfortunately, we have run out of that.”

You’re encouraged to bring your own containers, but the National Guard does have these buckets if needed to fill up for you. Once they get each filled up the soldiers take it to your car themselves so you don’t even have to get out.

“We need that to bath with, to drink, and to cook because there’s no more water in any of the stores,” Abston explained. “We’ve been to 4-5 the past three days. I can’t wait to take a bath, how about that.”

This project was coordinated through the Mississippi Department of Emergency Management who explained the response time took all week due to local governments having to prove they used up all their resources.

“They do the local proclamations and say hey this is above our capability then it gets to the county,” MEMA Director Stephen McCraney stated. “The county has to do that. Then they come to the state and say we’re out of resources we’re in a need. That’s when the state emergency management center actually goes into force.”

Second tanker trucks were also on-site provided by the city of Jackson supplying water used only for flushing toilets. Other bottled water distribution sites are also in action this week.

A full list of those addresses can be found on our website WJTV.com. Water buckets from the National Guard are limited to one per car, but there’s no limit to how many personal tubs you bring to their sizes.

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