JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – A Hinds County Supervisor is pushing for a local radio host to be put in prison after a segment he aired allegedly calling for executing elected officials. 

The announcements first came last night as Supervisor David Archie of District Two spoke to reporters outside Jackson Police Headquarters.

William Edwards, known on-air and social media as Napoleon Edwards is no stranger to criticizing county and city leaders, but after watching his Facebook Live broadcast this weekend, Supervisor Archie says he went too far. 

On Wednesday morning host of the Cipher Show, Napoleon Edwards appeared before a judge after being charged with one felony of cyberstalking and several misdemeanors revolving around threats to elected officials. 

“When he made the threat this past Saturday stating that he would execute me along with others that’s when he went a bit too far,” Supervisor Archie said.

Going through Edwards feed we found the clip he brings up taking guns and lining up Archie and others. 

“Come Monday night I’m going to shoot that .50 caliber out. I got something bigger than that, I’m going to shoot that .50 caliber out at all three of them,” Edwards stated. “I’m going to line those sons of guns up and execute all three of them with information.”

Later in the video, Edwards went on to say he’s referring to news that viewers can use. He was released on a $20,000 bond. But Supervisor Archie says it goes further than threats. 

“For him to say that I was convicted of two different felonies and pleaded guilty in Hinds County Circuit Court is an absolute lie,” Supervisor Archie argued. “He has found information and changed information and changed legal documents.”

We tracked down the segment Archie was referring to in Edwards feed where he made the accusations.

“This guy got two sexual battery charges, one in Georgia and one in Mississippi,” Edwards said on Facebook. “Do we see a pattern in here. I am not through with you Dave.” 

While denying being convicted, Supervisor Archie did acknowledge some information brought forward by Edwards was true, but when we asked to specify, he refused.

“There is some information that he stated about me that was true,” Supervisor Archie told us. “I don’t have a problem with that. I want you to find that information.”

Well, we did, searching back through arrests made in Jackson we learned in May of 2008 a David Archie was arrested for sexual battery. The only problem, he was born in 1985 over 20 years after Supervisor David Archie. 

Those in public records did see Supervisor Archie come up in their rap sheets but no felonies were listed in his previous encounters with officers.

However, we did find searching through DeKalb County records in Georgia and found in December of 1996 a David L. Archie born on November 13th, 1963, the same Birthday Supervisor Archie has on his application to run for office was charged with sexual battery listed as a felon. However, the case was later thrown out and charges were dropped. 

We reached out to William Edwards for further comment on his arrest but have not heard back. This isn’t the first time he’s been accused of threatening people online. Edwards had a past conviction for making disparaging comments against a pastor in 2018. That conviction was thrown out on appeal this past April. The court ruled that the statute used to charge Edwards was too vague and violated the 1st Amendment.

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Mississippi radio personality William “Napoleon” Edwards was arrested by police Tuesday. Hinds County District 2 Supervisor David Archie claims Edwards threatened him during a Facebook live broadcast Saturday.

During the broadcast, Edwards accused Archie of having felony convictions in his past. A claim Archie denies. A felony conviction would have made Archie unable to run for district supervisor. “I could have dealt with that (the accusations),” Archie said, “That wasn’t the biggest problem. But when he made the threat this past Saturday, stating that he would execute me along with others, that’s when he went a bit too far.”

Sitting in what appears to be his kitchen during a Facebook live broadcast on the page “The Cipher Voice,” Edwards spoke for nearly an hour about the supposed criminal histories of David Archie, Hinds Special Projects Officer Malcolm Johnson, and Ryan Phillips. Edwards said that the information he was releasing was like using a .22. And that on Monday he would have information more akin to a .50 caliber. “I’m going to line them sons of guns up and I’m going to execute all three of them… with information,” Edwards said.