Mississippi Recovers $33 million in Lawsuit


Mississippi recovered 33-million dollars in a lawsuit against Watson Pharmaceuticals.
This is all part of a case of over-pricing that cost Mississippi taxpayers around 7 million dollars.
The attorney general’s office says there are bills in place that could block the work that makes recoveries like this possible.
“What happened was they ran the rates up on Medicaid in overcharged the state,” Attorney General Jim Hood said. “We have battled this for 12 years, and it was filed Adam Rankin County. A Rankin County Chancery Judge decided to take it to the Mississippi Supreme Court.”

The judge awarded $20 million in punitive damages alone.
The claim was part of several lawsuits against pharmaceutical companies accused of over-pricing.
 “That just shows how bad of an actor that we’ve had to deal with that it just infuriates a judge like that,” Hood said,
The attorney general expects to have the money as soon as ten days from now
But hood says there are potential laws that could block that progress. He says house bill 1238 and 1475 to name a few, may make successful prosecutions rare for his office.

“There have been bills introduced over there again this year that would cut the consumer protection authority of the Attorney General. All the billions that we have recovered, we wouldn’t have been able to do it had these bills been in effect. If we were filing suit and they were getting dismissed like they were frivolous with something I could understand, but there’s not one. Zero,” Hood said.
The AG’S office says cases like this have resulted in total $224 million recovered.
He is asking citizens to contact lawmakers to ask that they not pass any legislation that would limit the ability of his office to secure funding for the state.

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