JACKSON, Miss. –Republicans from across the state wrapped up the Mississippi GOP convention Saturday.

As WJTV’s Lucy Dieckhaus reports, the GOP Chairman says they are standing behind Donald Trump.

Donald Trump, the last Republican nominee, standing and Mississippi GOP leaders are saying they will unite in support of him.

“It looks like we won’t have any contested vote or anything at the convention had there been one our delegates would have voted in that now the situation will be everybody will be voting for Donald Trump, the presumptive nominee,” said Chairman Joe Nosef.

And while everyone wasn’t on board at first, he says it is now their job to do his best to get Trump elected.

“When you start with 17 candidates it’s hard for mathematically you are going to have a bunch of people start out for the person that ends and the people seem to be really excited finally getting someone to be behind,” said Nosef.

“The voters spoke you have to accept the will of the voters and whether he is a conservative or not there is something that people connected with him on,” said Nosef.

But one delegate from Jackson County says Trump was his first choice to begin with

“I think it is very important i am pretty much an establishment Republican anyway but I have been on the Trump bandwagon from day one anyway so it was not a transition for me,” said Mark Cumbest.

Chairman Joe Nosef says elections are a choice.

“They are not about whether someone is perfect or not and if you are a conservative or Republican in Mississippi and you have a choice between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton then you should pick Donald Trump every time,” said Nosef.

“I’m a Republican, but I am an American first and I truly do believe that a Hillary Clinton administration would just be a third term of an Obama presidency, and I think he has taken us back light years,” said Cumbest.

On the Democratic side– the Philadelphia national convention will be in July as well where they will decide between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton as a nominee.

“This country needs a political revolution and what that means is that no president not Bernie Sanders or anyone else can solve the crises facing this country alone,” said Sanders.

Republican leaders say a great deal depends on who Trump and Clinton pick as vice-presidential candidates and how contentious the democratic national convention is.