CROSBY, Miss. (WJTV) – People in the town of Crosby, Mississippi are recovering after flood waters swept through the area displacing dozens of people.

One man says his house was moved by the rushing tide.

“You got to gut it all out.”

Cleveland Owens shows what’s left of his Crosby home as crews work to clean up the mess left by flash flooding over his small town.

“They worth a million dollars to me. If it wasn’t for them, I was trying to figure out how I was going do it,” said Owens.

Owens says there was about three feet of water inside his home. And on the outside…

“Looked like Lake Mary; you couldn’t know further than that hill unless you’re in boat,” said Owens.

But he is glad his house remained grounded.

“This is supposed to be my sister-in law’s house right here and then it moved house length over,” said Owens.

Flood waters uprooted the home.

It appears a telephone pole is what saved the house from traveling any further

“That’s amazing man. I’ve been here for 48 years and I’ve never seen so much water,” said Owens.

Owens says most of his community has to rebuild. Many peoples’ valuables are now just pieces of trash.

But he says they will just keep moving forward.

“Yeah I’m upset about it but I can’t get angry about it because it’s God’s work you can’t keep mad at God,” said Owens.