Mississippi voters explain their decision on flag referendum


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Heated debates and tight votes by legislators is what it took to pass measures changing the Mississippi state flag and put it on the ballot, but the peoples’ decision shifted pretty one-sided.

How are people reacting to the state of Mississippi on the doorstep of officially getting a new flag and their reason for voting yes?

It was a landslide win for people satisfied with getting a new state flag especially those who loved the design picked by the commission earlier this year. Symbolic victory voters agreed would move the state forward.

Over three-quarters of one million registered voters answered the call to recognize the magnolia flag as the symbol to represent Mississippi. Towering over those who said no.

“I was really thankful to see that it won so much support,” Grace Greene of Jackson said. “I was in favor of having a new state flag and I’m grateful so many voters agreed with that.”

“I was pleasantly surprised I think that it got that much support,” Jackson voter Jim Burke told us. “But at the same time, it was time for the flag to change so it was pleasing to see that.”

Already the magnolia flag has come flying off the shelves and raised outside homes around Mississippi. As voters see a flag, they can all be proud of.

“This makes me proud that our legislators took action to change the flag and that they stood up for what was right,” Greene added. “Makes me really proud the state has come together to support a flag that’s more unifying.”

Bringing many together was the phrase “In God We Trust” printed on each side of the flag. A new flag can keep Mississippi from losing business investments or championship tournaments.

“When you looked at the old flag and you had so much of the old south and everything that was there,” Burke stated. “This flag allows us to not have the relics of that around. To be able to not have to look at that day today was very important to me.”

Schools like Ole Miss have already raised the new flag from campus and recognized it as their state flag. Some parents feel they’ve left their kids with a brighter future to grow up in Mississippi.

It’s important to note come January the new flag still has to go through one more vote from the legislature during their 2021 session before it officially flies from government buildings.


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