Mississippians react to President Biden’s executive action on gun control


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – With gun violence plaguing many communities including Jackson, how would Mississippians benefit or be impacted by gun control measures addressed by President Joe Biden?

When it comes to tightening the restrictions on “ghost guns,” pistol stabilizing braces, and investing in community violence interventions, some people in Jackson supported it, while others in the gun industry see deliberate misunderstandings and certain Americans getting stripped of their rights.

Nearly ten years ago, the pistol brace was founded by a former Marine to give disabled veterans and anyone handicapped a chance to shoot a rifle more comfortably. Under President Biden’s executive order, gun advocates fear those with disabilities get stripped of their rights.

“There are thousands of Americans that would not be able to enjoy shooting an AR-15,” Jimmy Saxton, General Manager of ‘Guns N Gear,’ in Madison said. “Defending themselves in their home is the number one weapon of choice for defense.”

Looking into Biden’s calls for the Department of Justice to create “red flag laws” to close loopholes and strengthen background checks, Saxton said these policies already exist.

“We would use form 44-73 and it is from the Beuro of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms,” Saxton continued. “If one of those questions is answered the wrong way we’re not allowed to proceed further. For form filled out correctly then the database is directed to FBI for background investigation.”

Taking on America’s mental health problems the president’s call for investing in community violence interventions sit well with concerned people of Jackson after the city suffered its 40th homicide this week.

“It would help cities all over the country,” Michael McInnis of Jackson said. “Because you got so many people buying guns without a background check and all the senseless killing, we’re having that will solve some of it but not all of it.”

The Department of Justice is ordered to look into crackdowns on so-called “ghost guns” being built. Saxton explained the ways to do that are far more complicated than the president made it out to be.

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