Mississippians split on COVID-19 vaccine as doctors and government officials take it


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The first shipment of 25,000 COVID-19 vaccines have arrived in Mississippi and are already being injected to the heroes in the healthcare field and vulnerable patients.

UMMC and many other campuses are seeing a speck of light at the end of this pandemic tunnel getting the Coronavirus vaccine into those who’ve been fighting the virus head-on all year. But it’s coming at a pace that can’t be rushed.

UMMC hospital administration plans to vaccinate 600 employees between now through Dec. 23rd. These shots brought celebration from the doctors to many Mississippians across the Metro.

“I think it’s pretty exciting to see the medical community come together and produce a vaccine in such a quick time,” Doug Williams of Clinton said. “And ready to have it go all over the world.”

The vaccine was given to Dr. Thomas Dobbs and his team at the Department of Health along with doctors like LouAnn Woodward and many UMMC staff as well as Dr. Timothy Quinn with the Mississippi Coronavirus Task Force. Those in the public are anxious knowing it’s a lifesaver.

“Both my mom and my stepdad are in long-term care facilities and we expect them to both get vaccinated by the end of this month so we’re glad,” Williams added. “They’ve been worried and concerned and had outbreaks at their facilities so to have the vaccine coming this month is a relief for all of us.”

The distribution continues at St. Dominic Hospital who received 975 doses of the Phizer vaccine to give physicians, nurses, environmental services, and therapists working directly with Coronavirus patients. But others outside the healthcare field aren’t ready to jump on.

“I won’t take it, I’ve had the flu shot before and I got sick from it,” Jennifer Turner of Clinton said. “So this something new to everybody and I just don’t think I would be the one to try it out. It would have to be a while before I do that.”

Up to this point, Phizer and Moderna’s vaccines have caused no noticeable side effects except for a few with allergic reactions. In order for it to be more effective people must take a second dose three weeks after the first.

Medical professionals and those we spoke to still plead for everyone to stay socially distant and wear a mask in public. It will likely be until well into 2021 when the majority of the public get access to both vaccine doses.


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