Mobile Police confirm shooting at Semmes Walmart involving an officer


UPDATE (2:30 p.m.) —

The husband of a woman who works at the Walmart told News 5 the man shot and killed by a deputy stole about $1,200 dollars worth of electronics. He walked out of the grocery side of the stores. He says associates attempted to stop the man, but he picked up something that looked like a hammer or machete next to the door. The man then crossed the Walmart parking lot, to near the Foosacklys, where the deputy attempted to stop him and tased him. The tasing did not stop the man and that was when the deputy shot and killed him.

UPDATE (2:10 p.m.) — Captain Paul Burch with the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office confirms a shoplifting suspect is dead. He says the suspect is a 34-year-old white male from Mississippi.

Captain Burch says a deputy responded to a call of a man shoplifting at the Walmart and found him in the parking lot. The man was not compliant and attempted to attack the deputy with a hammer. The deputy then shot the man.

UPDATE (2:05 p.m.) — Witnesses say the suspect is dead as it looks as though a body bag was brought onto the scene. The suspect tried to attack the officer with a hammer and was shot and killed.

UPDATE (1:37 p.m.) — The Mobile Sheriff’s Department says an officer shot a suspect. The suspect’s condition is unknown at this time.

SEMMES, Ala. (WKRG) — According to the Mobile County Sheriff’s Department, a shooting involving an officer was reported at the Walmart in Semmes.

More details will be available later.


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