BRANDON, Miss. (WJTV) – They say the difference between men and boys is the price of their toys. Well, our Walt Grayson has a story about that.

Walt discovered that in some instances- it’s the same toy!

The difference being- when you’ve left them behind in childhood and moved on- and then wish you had them again- they cost more. A nostalgic group of toy collectors called ‘Mom’s Trash Can’ has discovered that.

It’s an early Saturday morning in Brandon, Vendors are setting up their tables. Customers are already lining up outside to be the first inside to get their hands on things that bring them pleasure- the exact things that brought them pleasure when they were kids. It is a toy convention. Neal Bumpus is one of the ones putting it on. He is a member of the group, “Mom’s Trash Can” – The place where an abundance of our childhoods wound up.

Neal Bumpus/Mom’s Trash Can: Maybe they thought you were too old for it or maybe, hey- it’s kinda dingy or missing parts, broken or something. You know- or at Christmas time- birthday- you get new stuff- it’s time to purge the old stuff.

Walt: And maybe at the time we even agreed with mom that it was time for it to go. Or we broke it or misplaced it or outgrew it. But now- Now? We are older and the stuff we’ve collected in adulthood- bills and mortgages and taxes and long commutes to work.. make us wish we were kids again. And since we can’t bring back the years, we try to bring back the stuff.

Neal: Collectors today, when they were kids, you know, these were the toys they had. That’s what they remember. So nostalgia is the big driver for this collectible market. And a lot of collectors- now that THEY have kids, they want to expose their kids to what they had.

Walt: We threw it away back then- but we want it back, now. But not for the same purpose. Not to get down on the floor and play with it. But as an icon of another time and another place. A place where we don’t have to grow up- And we put all that on a shelf to have it near us.

Neal: Everybody collects something. You know it could be guitars, it could be cars, could be ex-wives, mine just happens to be old toys.

Walt: It’s yesterday- it’s memories- it’s the good old days… It’s the part of us we wish we had never had to put in the trash on the way to being a grown-up.