Montgomery Hardware in Fondren having good luck streak during pandemic


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — Montgomery Hardware in Fondren has perhaps had it the easiest among local businesses.  It had to take precautions within the store like social distancing and mask requirements, but did not have to close during COVID-19’s wrath.

Owner Sherrell Thornton said it is partially because the store sells a lot of important quarantine materials.

“We sell cleaning good and they’re buying that stuff up,” Thornton said. “Hand sanitizer, cleaning goods and masks.”

Thornton said that he has not seen a decrease in business, and that is because so many people have taken on new DIY projects at home during quarantine and his shop is the perfect place to buy tools for those projects.

“A lot of people are at home doing things, projects, etc.,” Thornton said. “So we’ve actually been rather busy but we never know when we might have to shut down because if one of our people gets COVID then we’ll probably have to shut down as has some of the restaurants in the area.”

Stephanie Mimms is moving, she said that Montgomery being open has made her life much simpler.

“It’s just the timing,” Mimms said. “I couldn’t imagine everything being closed for the entirety of the pandemic because I feel like we’d be closed for years.”

Mimms explained she feels comfortable in the environment that the Montgomery staff has created.

“So far I’ve seen mask-wearing,” Mimms explained. “Everyone’s compliant here. People go in the right directions.”

Thornton said that he thankful that for his loyal following during the pandemic, and that he looks forward to everything going back to normal, whenever that may be.

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