Moraine man gives his wife quarantine-friendly birthday parade


MORAINE, Ohio (WDTN) – Living under Ohio’s stay-at-home order may feel isolating but one man in Moraine found a way to bring together family and friends for his wife’s birthday.

Like many people out there, Emily Tucker had to postpone her original birthday plans. She thought her big 30th birthday bash was out of the question.  

“I kind of had a little pity party for myself to be honest. I was like this is a bummer. This coronavirus is like ruining everything,” she said.

Her husband had something else in mind. 

“My 30th birthday was just this past August and she threw me a huge party so I wanted to reciprocate,” said Nikki Tucker.

At midnight, he surprised her with a decorated front yard. Emily’s mom, sisters and some friends were there to sing Happy Birthday. But that wasn’t the end of it. 

“Her sisters mainly got a hold of a lot of people. I think everybody wanting to get out, people being cooped up, people were more than willing to participate,” said Nikki.

The next day, Nikki surprised her again with a birthday parade. At least 20 cars filled up with family, coworkers and church friends. They honked while waving posters and balloons. Each took a lap around their cul-de-sac shouting Happy Birthday from a safe distance. Emily’s sister passed out birthday cupcakes to everyone driving through.

“It’s just honking like crazy. It was just a total surprise. I loved it. I cried like a little baby,” said Emily.

The celebration was great for the introverts too. 

“Somebody texted me afterwards and said it was the best birthday party ever because we were able to stop, say hi and leave,” Emily said.

The less than 10 minute celebration was streamed on Facebook live. 

“Social media could be bad. There’s a lot of negativity but also you can use it to be positive and encouraging,” said Emily.

“I just want to remind everyone to stay positive throughout this because there’s enough negativity in the virus. The last thing we need is more negativity,” said Nikki.

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