CANTON, Miss. (WJTV) – Homeowners in northern Canton communities are bracing for round two after waking up this morning to several feet of water engulfing their yards and streets from all the rain.

But it’s not the first time locals have been burdened by flash flooding and want change.

Streets like Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. and surrounding back roads are no stranger to flash floods and with more heavy rain in the forecast locals are urging the city to come up with new solutions.

Sitting along the Batchelor Creek and downhill from drain ditches people in northern Canton had their eyes glued to the forecast Tuesday night.

“The river is over by the ditch and it comes over into this neighbor’s yard,” Barbara Brown said. “And you see every time she has to put sandbags right at her door cause it goes in there.”

Outside one mans house on MLK Dr. rain runoff filled up almost his whole front yard due to drain pipes busted leaving it nowhere to go.

“That plastic pipe under there done collapsed,” John Patterson explained. “And I been trying to get them to replace it for six months.”

From late Tuesday night until 7:00 A.M. Wednesday the city of Canton saw over 3 inches of rainfall easily popping up another flash flood.

“Earlier this morning you probably weren’t able to get down here,” Brown said. “But this is what you have to do again the Public Works Department get in here and clean these ditches on a regular base if you really care about our senior citizens and taxpayers.”

We caught up with canton Mayor William Truly who’s held several town meetings on flooding to talk about solutions.

“One we can stop putting trash in ditches,” Mayor Truly argued. “Two we can stop throwing bottles into ditches, we can not put sofas and other furniture in ditches.”

Farther down the road locals showed us one woman’s backyard more than half underwater asking where their tax money has been going without water drainage being updated.

“Residents have become so common with this flooding homeowners have to get these boots,” Brown said. “And whole gear just to get out of their house.”

Mayor Truly explained to us his administration has issued a $2 million bond to pay for locals being relocated due to flooding and is also reaching out to engineers and Congressman Bennie Thompson’s office to develop new drains but it will take time and money.