More marijuana found in Jefferson Davis County; Plants worth more than $20M

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JEFFERSON DAVIS COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV)– The Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics discovered more marijuana plants at a large operation in Jefferson Davis County.Investigators are remaining through the weekend at the site of what they’re calling the largest outdoor marijuana farm found in Mississippi since the 1980s. MBN Director John Dowdy says it’s a “huge task” to find, count and destroy so many marijuana plants. Helping the bureau are other law enforcement agencies, local and state government and a private construction company.

MBN authorities said  Friday they discovered a patch with about 5,000 more marijuana plants. Thursday the located more than 15,000 plants.

MBN Director John Dowdy said the 20,000 marijuana plants are street valued at more than $20 million.

“At maturity and depending upon other factors, a marijuana plant can yield about a pound of processed marijuana that could sell for $1,000 to $1,500 on the street, making a conservative estimated street value of this marijuana more than $20 million,” Director Dowdy said.

He said that this is a continuing investigation, and agents will remain in the county through the weekend.

“Locating, tabulating and destroying so many marijuana plants is a huge task,” Director Dowdy said. “And we are grateful for the assistance rendered to the MBN by state and local agencies.”

Thursday afternoon, MBN agents and other law enforcement officers went to a rural road in Jefferson Davis County and discovered the marijuana farm.

Dowdy said his office received a tip about the operation and few a helicopter of the area. That’s when the authorities located the operation.

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