More than $500,000 in Day 1 of lottery for road repairs


Lottery kicks off in Mississippi

Lottery tickets are flying off the shelves as players are testing their luck playing the Mississippi Lottery.

Customers have stood in lottery lines throughout the state of Mississippi all day today trying to be the first to win big.

The lottery has been more than 20 years in the making.

“It’s just amazing to me see to everybody out here who seem to be excited about what’s going on, they seem to be as excited as I am,” State Rep. Alyce G. Clarke.

Representative Alyce Clarke was the first to propose a lottery and the first to buy a Mississippi lottery ticket making a way for money for infrastructure and education.

“We’re finally doing something because we know that education is the key to everything else that we do,” said Clarke.

Lee Bernard Jr. was the first to win a little cash from the scratch off.

“Hopefully the money we spend that we don’t win will go to the schools. That’s my two priorities,” said Bernard Jr.

Others are glad to not have to drive across state lines

“I am so happy happy I am so excited I get a chance sometime when I go into Louisiana I’ll play sometimes I go into Tennessee I play so it’s so nice now to have it here in Jackson and the state of Mississippi I think the money is going to be good for the state they’ll be able to work on the roads and bridges everything,” said Timothy Minniefield.

The lottery has taken in more than $500,000 for road repair in just its first day.

The first $80 million will go towards infrastructure anything over that will go to education.

In order to play the lottery you must be 21 years or older and a reminder to play responsibly.

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