More than a dozen dogs rescued, looking for new homes


HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WHLT) — The Jones County Sheriff’s Department responded to a welfare check at a residence, but once arriving they called for help.

Southern Cross Animal Shelter (S.C.A.R.) in Laurel and Southern Pines Animal Shelter rescued over 20 dogs in deplorable conditions.

“Some of them were suffering from old injuries. Some of them had new injuries. There we some that had some urgent medical issues; and we also saw some that were severally emaciated,” said Ginny Smith who is the Shelter Director at Southern Pines Animal Shelter.

Liberty and Jude are two of the many dogs receiving medication, food, rest and care at Southern Pines.

“Liberty is a wonderful, beautiful, friendly dog,” Smith said with emotion. “It was just heart breaking to see her starving.”

Jude, a puppy, was almost left but a team member found her hiding in the grass.

“She was suffering from dozen of puncture wounds, to her head and her face. We immediately rushed her to Emergency Veterinarian Assistants.”

Sims says they believe Jude was bit by a larger dog.

“When we found her, her face was so swollen. It’s gone down a bit but her eye is still swollen shut,” she explained.

Numerous volunteers were at the shelter today to provide additional help. One of them is Amy Lord, a student at Presbyterian Christian High School.

“They just had a huge influx of dogs and just an extra amount of work to be done so I just decided to stick around and help,” Lord said.

Lord said she volunteers at the shelter once or twice a week and she quickly realized today was different.

“Normally there’s like five or six on the bath list and there was like 15. So, I’d figure I would start there,” she said. “So that’s what I’ve been doing all day today, I’ve been through about three or four dogs now.”

The dogs they rescued have a long recovery road but Sims says just one day of love and care has these dogs bright and alert.

“We’re grateful when an animal that has maybe not known compassion or care in the past gets to experience that, and gets a brand new life.”

The Jones County Sheriff’s Department is still investigating this situation. We will update the story as we receive information.

Visit S.C.A.R. or Southern Pine Animal Shelter’s website to make a donation or find out how to volunteer.

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