Mother of Deputy Brad Sullivan speaks out at latest vigil for her son


CANTON, Miss. (WJTV) – Following the latest vigil in her son’s honor, the mother of Madison County Deputy Brad Sullivan is speaking out praising her community for their support.

For one week now Patricia Sullivan and her two grandkids have anxiously waited to see where Deputy Sullivan’s condition will go from here.

The law enforcement community in Madison County may have been attacked one week ago, but on this Thursday evening, supporters of Deputy Brad Sullivan once again showed their strength.

Escorted by police over 100 bikers from groups like the Blue Knights and Friends of Fallen Riders rode into Madison County to greet the Sullivan family and pray for Brad to recover.

“If it was a choice between you, you, or, you whoever he’s right where he wants to be,” Patricia said looking into the crowd. “He would rather take that shot and save all of you guys.”

Since finding out it was her son shot after responding to a domestic kidnapping incident Patricia has been overwhelmed by the community support.

“I am just exhausted with the number of people and support I don’t know what to do with all of it,” Patricia continued. “Nothing else has been on my mind because they’re taking care of everything.”

Constantly checking in on her son, she shared with us updates on his condition.

“He is not out of the woods, he still has a long way to go,” Patricia told us. “This is from the doctors, but we can see the wood line to make it out.”

Surrounded by her son’s former partners, co-workers, and even strangers the Sullivan family for a moment could smile thanks to prayers and Madison County having their back.

“When I got to Brad the first thing he asked is anyone else hurt?” One Madison County Deputy stated. “That’s a warriors heart. That’s the heart of Madison County and that’s the heart of this community.”

“You got this Brad,” vigil organizer Helen Brown said. “It’s just a matter of time and we’re right behind you and we’re going to be here for you when you wake up.”

More fundraisers will continue in the near future for Deputy Sullivan, including stickers and t-shirts with his badge number printed on them being sold at the Madison County Sheriffs Office.

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