Mother remembers son who was shot, killed in Jackson


BRANDON, Miss.(WJTV) – Nicholas Boykin’s mother described the day her son did not return home as the start of a nightmare.

“I wanted to hear no, you’re just another parent worrying too much, but to hear that I was right… knocked my feet right out from under me,” Nancy Boykin said.

She had received a pocket dial call from his phone, and when she answered all she heard was silence, and then the phone call ended.

His mother proceeded to call different criminal investigation departments to see if any information had come through about her son. Unfortunately some information did come through about a John Doe found dead.

“The coroner called me back maybe 10 minutes after I got off the phone with the state crime lab, and she confirmed it was my son. She had confirmed that he had been dead 12-24 hours prior to him being found. I didn’t even hang up with her good and the detective from JPD [Jackson Police Department] was calling me confirming that it was Nick.”

Nicholas was found shot in the leg on Horton Avenue. The bullet hit his main artery and he bled out in seconds. His mother told 12 News her son lived for his kids and would have done anything to make them happy.

“Nick loved his kids. I’ve got pictures of him, and most of them are either at the zoo, at the park playing in the dirt, at the river swimming, fishing, and all these pictures his kids we always around.” She added, “He wasn’t the type of person that would take his kids to his mothers house… and [then] he would go have fun. That was not Nick.”

There are no suspects in the case, but Nancy believes his long time friends of 20 years may have played a part in his murder.

“With things like this… if I had one more word to say to him [it] would be I’m sorry for being such a smart butt to him, but I know that he knew if I wasn’t I didn’t love him, and I’m like that to all of my kids and he was the same way back to me.”

Family and friends held a balloon release Sunday in honor of Nicholas.

Anyone with information about this case is asked to call Jackson Police or Crime Stoppers.

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