Natchez woman could receive help under CARES Act


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV)– You’ve seen the stories during this coronavirus pandemic. Millions of people are out of work and struggling to pay their bills. One Natchez woman filed for unemployment benefits more than a month ago and hasn’t seen any of the money.

Mercy Davis told me she was laid off from Kaiser’s Mobil Mart in Natchez on March 19.
About a week later, she filed for unemployment. Ever since then, she’s been struggling to get by.
Payments haven’t reached her yet.

This Sunday will mark the sixth week Mercy Davis has been filing paper work for unemployment benefits.

“I still haven’t received any unemployment payments,” said Davis. “I emailed them every Sunday when I do my weekly certifications. I received the card. I called the local office. I emailed the people in Jackson. All the ladies in Natchez tell me to keep filing and just be patient but how patient am I suppose to be?”

She says she was issued the debit card for the money, but the card hasn’t been loaded.

“There’s absolutely no money on it,” said Davis. “When I check it this morning. It’s now a negative 4.50 because I’m checking it so much.”

She says this past Sunday she even sent in copies of her drivers license, social security card, and letter from her job stating the date she was laid off.

“The kitchen was closed,” said Davis. “The cooks that work in the kitchen we were laid off. The cashier’s that work in the gas station they still working.”

Bills are due soon, and she’s wondering how she’ll pay.

We have learned Mercy like a lot of other Mississippians likely fall into the category of pandemic unemployment assistance which comes out of the CARES Act.
Those cases are now being processed. The Mississippi Department of Employment Security adds to make sure that your information is true because the Office of the Inspector General will prosecute cases that are fraudulent.

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