DENVER (KDVR) — Two young brothers are safe at home after an apparent abduction attempt in a Denver neighborhood Sunday.

The Denver Police Department says a woman, identified as 40-year-old Jessica Konior, is now facing a possible second-degree kidnapping charge after she allegedly pulled the youngest brother into her home.

An 11-year-old boy told Nexstar’s KDVR he and his 7-year-old brother were going door to door to offer to do work for extra spending money.

He said a woman in a corner house opened the door and pulled his younger brother inside.

“I turned my back, this crazy woman over here, running inside with my brother!” he said.

The boy said he tried to get his brother back by yelling at the woman.

“I’m all like, ‘Give me my brother back’ and she’s all like, ‘This is my baby.’ She starts singing a lullaby,” he said.

The boys managed to run from the home and scream for help. “I grabbed my little brother and we zoomed out that,” the boy said.

They were able to catch the attention of someone on the street, who then called 911.

Police arrived soon after and tweeted an alert around 4 p.m. about a “large police presence” over a barricaded suspect.

Authorities say the woman inside the home threw bottles at officers. A SWAT team later arrested her as she yelled profanities at them.

The boys’ mother told KDVR over the phone that she is grateful to have them safely home.

“That woman grabbed my baby,” she said. “Thank God they heard my son screaming for help.”