Allegations could affect Kavanaugh vote


A growing number of U.S. Senators say a vote on Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh should be put on hold after allegations accusing him of sexual misconduct surfaced. 

Angelica Alvarez has more from Capitol Hill.

The White House addressed the allegations surrounding Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh head-on.

“We want to go through a process..wish the Democrats would have brought this up sooner.”

Fifty-one-year-old Christine Blasey Ford, a California psychologist, told the Washington Post that when she was 15 and Kavanaugh was 17, he attempted to sexually assault her at a party.

California Congresswoman Anna Eshoo was the first lawmaker to hear her story.

 “I believed my constituent when she shared her story with me.”

Kavanaugh denied the allegations in a new statement saying: “This is a completely false allegation. I have never done anything like what the accuser describes-to her or to anyone. I am willing to talk to the Senate Judiciary Committee in any way the Committee deems appropriate to refute this false allegation, from 36 years ago, and defend my integrity.”

Several Senate Republicans and Democrats – including all ten Democrats on the Judiciary Committee – say Ford and Kavanaugh should testify before Thursday’s scheduled vote on his nomination. Committee Chairman Senator Chuck Grassley says he’s working to schedule phone calls with Kavanaugh and Ford.

Ford’s lawyer Debra Katz told C-B-S News her client wants to testify, but is concerned about the process. “Partisans are already lining up, taking a position that they will grill her.” Democrats on the Judiciary Committee are also calling for an F.B.I. investigation into the accusations before a vote takes place. The F.B.I., so far, says it has not opened an investigation. And Maryland Police say they’ve received no formal complaint and therefore have not opened an investigation into the alleged incident.

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