LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A goat found sprinting around downtown Las Vegas last weekend has found a new home.

Buzi the goat was adopted after a chase involving police and animal control, caretakers at the Animal Foundation said Thursday.

After the goat — described as shy but very nice — was captured, no one came to claim him. It’s believed Buzi is around one and a half years old.

Dr. Jo Jarred, the Animal Foundation veterinarian, said goats are notorious escape artists.

“They always escape, so a goat escaping is not a big deal. A goat escaping, I guess, in downtown is kind of unique,” said Jarred. “Again, it just reinforces that you have to have the right setup or they will find a way out, and then if they’re super scared, they’re just going to keep running away.”

It was recommended that Buzi have a barn-type area with plenty of space to run. It also may take him some time to get comfortable with people and other animals, caregivers said.