Kids and their families can get a chance to have cheap vacations this summer


JOPLIN, MO – Your kids could hold the key to taking an inexpensive, but unforgettable, vacation.

It’s called the “Every Kid Outdoors” program and it’s sponsored by the national park system.

Families with 4th or 5th graders can get themselves, as well as their families, into any one of over 400 national park facilities, like Carver National Monument in Diamond.

But park ranger Randall Becker says the program only goes through the end of August.

And he says there’s a reason why the program is targeted to kids of a certain age.

“Uh we think that they kind of begin a sense for the outdoors because when your ten or 11 year old you get those connections and hopefully your a lover of National Parks and Federal Lands for life.” Says Becker.

Becker says kids must first go onto the NPS website and print off the passes they’ll need to get into parks for free.

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