Man confesses to killing 90 people

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According to a sheriff in Texas, an elderly man in police custody has confessed to killing at least 90 people.

Lee County Sheriff Jim Johnson says 78-year-old Samuel Little confesses to murdering people since the 1970s through the 2000s.

If Little is telling the truth, he would be the deadliest serial killer in US history, according to officials.    

So far, every detail the elderly man has told police about the murders is factual and police say they have no reason to doubt his claims.

Among his many confessions, Little admits to the 2005 murder of 46-year-old Nancy Stevens, of Decatur, Alabama.  

Her body was found alongside County Road 41 Aug. 8 2005.  

An autopsy discovered that Stevens was strangled to death. 
Little made his murderous confession to authorities where he was being held at Wise County Jail in Texas.

Little says that he and Stevens were traveling in his RV when he killed her in the West Main Walmart parking lot, before discarding her on the side of a road. 
Little had information that could only be known to the killer, police say. 

Johnson says it’s a relief to have a major break in the case of Stevens. 
“It has to send a strong message that no matter what you do, you’re always going to be looked after and we’re going to continue to do what we do to bring justice and in cases like this, it just shows the diligence that this office went forward, officers assigned to the case, that they didn’t quit,” Johnson said.

The case against Little will go before Lee County Grand Jury.  

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