Migrants stranded in El Paso, penniless with nowhere to go


Migrants at the southern border of the US are spending Christmas Eve with an uncertain future.

The group of people were dropped off at a bus station in El Paso Sunday night; penniless and in an unfamiliar city.

More than 200 undocumented immigrants are no wondering what comes next,
after immigration and customs enforcement dropped them off at a Grey Hound bus station. 

An immigrant named Carlos said “it worries us because we’re not in our country. We don’t know where we are, but we have faith in God that everything will turn out well.”

According to El Paso Police, the group includes families and children; many of whom are left standing in the cold outside the small bus stop.

Authorities work on plans to relocate the group and some El Paso residents are stepping in to help.

“I brought some water bottles, some granola bars, some fruit snacks for the kids.” resident Joseph Gainor said.

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