(NewsNation Now) — On Tuesday, the family of Gabby Petito pleaded with the news media to give attention to more missing persons cases in the wake of the outpouring of support their family has received this month.

“I want everyone to help all the people that are missing and need help,” Joe Petito said Tuesday. “And like I said, it’s on all of you, everyone in this room, because it’s not just Gabby who deserves that.”

Beginning Wednesday, NewsNation is doing just that when our new weekly series “Missing in America” debuts. We will highlight cases across the country and families searching for answers.

Our first feature is a case that predates Petito’s disappearance by more than two months. Daniel Robinson, 24, disappeared in the vast Arizona desert on June 23. The geologist left a nearby worksite that morning and hasn’t been heard from since.

His Jeep was found crashed in a ravine a month later with most of his belongings still inside, but no signs of Robinson.

His family has hired a private investigator.

Come back Wednesday night for Robinson’s story and the debut of NewsNation’s “Missing in America” series on “NewsNation Prime” at 9/8c.

Daniel Robinson, 24, was last seen June 23 in Arizona.