Nationwide unrest skips Jackson, local activists still get heard


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV)- The streets in the capital of Mississippi have been almost completely calm while major protests and riots unfolded all weekend across the nation.

Despite seeing the same video, a big question is how local advocates in Jackson are making their call for justice in George Floyd’s name differently.

Following a small peaceful march Friday afternoon through downtown, the city has sat quiet this weekend, but anger over George Floyd’s death is evident.

Taylor Turnage, President of the Mississippi Youth and College NAACP, explained despite not being out in public they’re taking action.

“It may not be in the form of protest, but there is work being done. We’ve been working with state legislators to get new laws put into place to better the criminal justice system,” said Turnage.

While tensions are high in many places Pastor C.J. Rhodes of Mt. Helm Baptist Church and Jackson officials urge people to focus on the main message peacefully.

“The more violent elements of these protests are not coming from those fighting for justice for Floyd. They’re coming from far right and far left groups trying to provoke a Civil War,” said Rhodes.

“There’s no way in this city that we will tolerate anyone robbing or burning these black owned businesses because that’s all we have,” said Ward 3 City Councilman Kenneth Stokes.

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