Jackson, Miss. – On Bellevue Place near the intersection of Whitworth Street, a sinkhole full of water is causing some neighbors to worry about safety. The sinkhole is directly in front of John Pierce’s home. He says the sinkhole appeared about two weeks ago. No one knows exactly how deep it is, “I can’t tell. Nothing I stick down in there hits the bottom. It makes me nervous.”

The gallons upon gallons of water running down Bellevue means less and less water inside Pierce’s home, “I don’t have the water pressure that I usually have. Just one of those things. Of course it’s been two weeks so I’ve kind of gotten used to it.” Pierce says he and his neighbors have called the City of Jackson but no one has come to fix the sinkhole. A spokesperson for the city says they’re aware of the situation and will get a crew out to the hole as soon as possible. Pierce says, “I hope they fix it and then pave the potholes up and down the street. But I guess if they fix it I’ll have to be satisfied.”