Neighbors help each other after severe weather in Copiah County


COPIAH COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) – The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency is reporting severe weather that swept through the state on Monday and left damage in 19 counties.

Emergency officials say damage assessments are ongoing and it may take a few days to confirm any tornado reports.

Like in Copiah County where a possible twister touched down.

A lot of neighbors are helping each other after Monday’s storm.

Within minutes of the storm, people were coming together doing whatever they could to help.

“It sounded like a low-flying jet. It really did.”

Malcolm Erwin says it was hard for him to believe what he was seeing after a line of storms moved through Copiah County.

“I’ve got a lot of family out here, so I’m just trying to ride and see how everyone is doing. I was trying to go check on my uncle’s house because it got hit. As I kept going around, it got bad again, so I went back to the house,” Erwin said,

Erwin said his family is okay, but that doesn’t make things any easier.

Four homes on Sandhill Road were damaged.

“Strong-Hope area, Rockford Road. It really tore up some stuff on that end,” Erwin said.

Witnesses say one of the houses on Sandhill belonged to the Chief of the local fire department.

They had only been living there for 2 years.

The family lost their dog.

A few miles away, a tree is uprooted near a house on Elkins Road.

Emergency teams are out going door to door checking on homeowners and assessing the damage.

For Erwin, he’s just thankful to be alive after the close encounter he had today with Mother Nature.

“I hope everybody is okay. It didn’t get me, so I hope everybody else okay,” Erwin said.

There were also a lot of power outages as a result of this storm.

WJTV was told the Salvation Army will be down here to assist these families.

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