Neighbors in North Jackson face challenges of not having electricity


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Power outages and tree damage are the biggest issues Tuesday’s tornado left homeowners and renters in northeast Jackson. For some people, it’s more than an inconvenience, going more than 24 hours without power means they’re forced to throw out their refrigerated food and can’t properly feed their families or stay in their house.

Since Tuesday afternoon renters along Beasley Rd. have been in the dark after trees pulled power lines down Hanging Moss Rd. For a mother who just gave birth to her sixth child, it’s been a challenge to feed her.

“I got to warm my baby’s bottle up,” Michalla Malaett at the Forest Ridge Apartments told us. “She has to be in cool air. Like she can’t be hot because she’s a newborn baby.”

With what little money Michalla had left she spent on one night in a hotel. As the power outage drags on her options are very limited.

“I can’t afford it right now because I just paid for rent, the light, cable bill, and all that,” Malaett added. “But when it comes to my children, I’ll do anything to make sure they have a roof over their head.”

To keep the family out of the heat she’s been having her kids hang out in the car. Meanwhile, on Suffolk Dr., a down tree is the problem for Justin Leblanc smashing into the kitchen and living room.

“Roof is completely destroyed, so there’s probably a hole the size of a car in the living room right now,” Leblanc said. “The fireplace fell inside the house and rain got into it last night so everything’s going to have to be redone.”

It’s taken multiple tractors and crews hours to clear what was weighing down the home. Leblanc, who coaches women’s basketball at Millsaps College doesn’t see himself going back home anytime soon.

“We were in the basketball gym when the sirens were going off,” Leblanc recounts. “I remember talking to my assistant being really worried about this tree in my backyard coming down. Sure enough, here it is.”

More homes down Saratoga Dr. also saw similar damage but in all everyone is counting their blessings no one was hurt from what the storm left behind. Entergy did make significant progress restoring power to most of Beasley, Hanging Moss, and Old Canton Rd. Crews remind everyone if they see roadblocks turn around and report any down powerlines.

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