New campaign announced to report terrorist threats


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant and other state leaders unveiled a new way to report suspicious activity and stop terror threats in our state.

The new campaign is called, “If You See Something, Say Something”.

Bryant says it’s important to keep an eye out for criminal activity, suspicious comings, and goings or what could be a terror threat in your own back yard.

“Activity that we’re seeing is increasing. We’re getting more phone calls to the fusion center we are people have been able to detect what they believe is suspicious activity,” Phil Bryant, the Governor of Mississippi, said.

Following the mass shooting in San Bernardino, California, the Mississippi Homeland Security Fusion Center has increased what it’s doing to stop a similar scenario from playing out here as reports of suspicious activity have increased.

“Almost on a weekly basis we’re gathering information on things happening here in the state of Mississippi,” Governor Bryant said.

One of the things happening here …threats to state officials by “Anonymous.”

The group has threatened to hack computers and phones in response to many leaders who said they did not want to accept Syrian refugees.

But, that’s just one example.

According to FBI Special Agent Don Alway the state gets dozens of calls each month.

“Most of them wash out,” Alway said.

All threats involving explosives will be investigated by the FBI that includes the IED found at Warren Central Junior High School last week.

A student reported the threat.

Now, two other students are still being detained in connection to the explosive found inside a backpack.

State leaders hope the “See Something, Say Something” campaign will prevent future crimes both foreign and domestic.

WJTV’s Beth Alexander asks,  “Do you think this could lead to profiling of any kind?”

“I do not. Profiling is when you’re looking at a person, he’s hispanic, black, white it doesn’t make a difference. If you’re just picking on that, that’s profiling. When you got something that’s not normal activity in and out of a place that’s not profiling,” Albert Santa Cruz, the Commissioner of Public Safety, said.

“And of course, people are mobile. So someone might be radicalized in Tennessee or New York and come to Mississippi,” Bryant said.

The best way to get immediate help if you feel threatened is to call 911.

The state has also started a hotline for reporting other suspicious activity.

That number is 1-888-4SAFE-MS

In New York, Democratic Senator Charles Schumer is asking the Secretary of Homeland Security to monitor the social media accounts of people in the United States on visas.

Governor Bryant said he would support that initiative.

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