New craft brewery coming to Belhaven district in 2021


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – After a hometown Jackson brewery closed its doors a year ago, plans for a new craft brewery is the latest addition to the heart of Jackson’s historic Belhaven neighborhood.

”It’s something that Jackson hasn’t had,” said Jonathan Miles.

The brewery is part of a bigger project called the Laundry Market. Fertile Ground will be the lead tenant in the 19,000 square foot of the former Baptist Medical Center linen facility, as a part of an adaptive reuse development.

“You’ll see some retail in there, possibly another food, brewery— it’s a food a beverage,” said developer, David Turner.

Turner said this has been a plan in the works for at least eight years, and it finally took when he was approached by co-founder, Matthew McLaughlin, for a Jackson-focused brewery.

“I’m interested in a kind of a cool, outdoor lifestyle vibe down here. Breweries tend to promote that so thinking, running, biking, urban, so we’ll be tracking toward some retailer who will fill that space,” said Turner, “7,000 foot space inside the building behind us, and we’ve got about 7,000 feet of outdoor space as well which is important for the nature of a brewery.”

Neighbors are excited, too. Jonathan Miles works in the area and is looking forward to the addition.

“It’s good that somebody had the idea to get that in here and maybe inject that into the community. Maybe add some capital, revitalize some things in Belhaven neighborhood,” he stated.

Belhaven Town Center is said to be built upon old soul, but with a new heartbeat. The Town Center is currently home to Campbell’s craft donuts and tacos, Elvie’s All-Day Cafe and Spectrum Sip.

Construction is expected to begin Spring 2021 and open by Fall 2021. The brewery’s name will be Fertile Ground Beer.


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