New details and surveillance video from the killing of Officer Stephen Carr



FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA) — New details have been released regarding the shooting death of Fayetteville Officer Stephen Carr.

Officer Stephen Carr was killed on December 7, 2019, by London Phillips.

The following is the post from the Washington County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page:

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office, with the assistance of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, have been investigating, at the request of Fayetteville Police Chief Mike Reynolds, the ambush and execution of Fayetteville Police Officer Stephen Carr, which occurred in the back parking lot of their police department on December 7, 2019 at approximately 9:42 p.m.

We have hesitated to release the attached video of what transpired that night due to the heinous and shocking nature of this crime, but in an effort to keep the public informed of exactly what happened that night, we are releasing video of the incident along with the results of the Arkansas State Medical Examiner’s preliminary findings.

Our concern, first and foremost, is for the family of Officer Carr, so prior to sharing any of this information publicly, it was first shared with them.

The autopsy of Fayetteville Police Officer Stephen Carr has been completed by the Arkansas State Medical Examiner, and preliminary findings revealed Officer Carr was shot 10 times in the head. The medical examiner advised any of the 10 shots would have been fatal.

The autopsy of the assailant has been completed by the Arkansas State Medical Examiner, and preliminary findings revealed he was shot 6 times.

No further information regarding the autopsies will be released until the full, official autopsy results have been received.

Further Information:

The weapon the assailant used to shoot Officer Carr was a 9 mm semi-automatic handgun.
The handgun used by the assailant was legally purchased by him in 2017
The assailant had on his person, 1 full box of ammunition containing 50 rounds and 1 partial box of ammunition containing 32 rounds
Preliminary investigation indicates the assailant fired 16 rounds and had reloaded the weapon with another full magazine containing 17 rounds
Searches of the assailant’s social media accounts indicate he was interested in anti-law enforcement groups

Summary of the videos attached: (Due to the size of the videos- Each video will be released in 5 separate posts)

Video #1 – Assailant is seen walking eastbound down the sidewalk in front of Fayetteville City Hall on Mountain Street just before the shooting

Video #2 – Back Parking Lot of Fayetteville Police Department – Fayetteville Police Officer Stephen Carr is sitting in the front driver seat of the police unit facing the building with the headlights on

Assailant is first seen walking south on Block Avenue, crosses in front of a car that had just parked with the headlights on, proceeds west, crosses Block Avenue, and continues west into the alleyway behind the police department. He approaches Carr’s police unit from behind…

NOTE: The person shown walking into the alleyway after Officer Carr was shot is an off-duty Fayetteville police officer

NOTE: Corporal Floyd is seen exiting Police Department Northwest Door

Video #3 – Officer Eucce and Sergeant Jennings exiting Police Department Northeast Door

Video #4 – Assailant going south into alleyway between Fayetteville Police Department and Fayetteville District Court Building

Video #5 – Overview from City Hall of Officer Floyd, Officer Eucce and Sergeant Jennings searching for assailant, then engaging him in the alleyway

The investigation is continuing and we will release further information as we are able.

Washington County Sheriff’s Office

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