Caught on camera: Police officer uses new skill to save man’s life

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“It’s a miracle, it’s a miracle that he was there at that time.”

While responding to a crash, Denham Springs Police Officer Adam Procell ended up in the right place at the right time.

“What’s going on, I just cut my wrist, it’s down to the bone.”

Chris throne said, he was in his home working on a dryer, then.

“The shelf broke, my hand was in the dryer and just cut on the back of the sheet metal of the dryer” said Thorne.

Throne said, in the moment he didn’t feel any pain. While trying to figure out what to do next, he made it to his front lawn where he spotted Officer Procell.

“I couldn’t be more thankful, just watching the video and seeing the amount of time between when he arrived and then when the first responders got there, that’s 5 minutes I would have been bleeding.”

Officer Procell applied the tourniquet what confidence but what Thorne didn’t know, the department recently learned how to use them.

“A few months ago, we trained all of our personnel on what’s called T triple C. It’s tactical causality combat care and it addresses the most life-threatening situations” said Shannon Womack, Police Chief of Denham Springs Police Department.

Sitting in his home with his stitched hand wrapped, watching the video for the first time. Thorne said he’s counting his blessings, calling this experience a miracle.

“Just thankful that he made the choice to stop and turn around and come back and just how quickly he made the decision to apply it and there wasn’t a question in his mind.”

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