KFC employee surprised with once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

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Shane McKinney has had a lot of experiences over the three years he’s worked at Neosho’s Kentucky Fried Chicken. But, he couldn’t have of imagined what would greet him when walked through the doors on Tuesday.

“I had to come in to work at 9, and I got a big surprise!” Shane explained.

Welcomed by a cake, decorations, and a bunch of gear from his favorite NFL team — the Minnesota Vikings.

“Because my dad’s a Vikings fan, so I’ve just been in love with the Vikings,” said Shane.

He was nominated by his general manager — who happens to be his wife — for an employee wish-granting initiative. And, he was selected and surprised with an all-expense paid trip to a Vikings game.

“He tries hard at everything, so I wanted to try to help get him something,” explained Misty McKinney.

“Serving the public — you know, food, friendliness — it is a very very tough job. And it’s just great to see them be rewarded.” explained Mitra QSR COO Homer Hunt.

But, it wasn’t just hard work that got Shane selected.

“He’s been through a lot of stuff in his life,” said Misty.

From getting injured at his previous job, to losing his infant daughter to SIDS.

“My daughter passed away at six months old,” Shane explained.

And taking care of his father.

“He fell off the back of a semi and broke his back,” Shane continued. “So he’s been disabled for most of my life.”

So, they’d never been able fulfill their dream of going to a Vikings game together — until now.

“My dad really wants to go,” said Shane. “It’ll be an awesome experience.”

“It’s a memory they’ll have forever,” Misty added.

They both had a good guess at how his dad would react to the news…

“Oh he’ll probably cry,” said Shane.

“It’s probably going to make him cry,” said Misty.

And when he got the news…

Shane on Facetime: We get to go to the Vikings game!

Shane’s Dad on Facetime: I’ll be danged! Holy cow! Wow!

Now, Shane just has one final wish…

“I hope they win, for my dad,” said Shane.

The funds for the trip are provided through the KFC Foundation — which offers employees hardship assistance, education, and personal finance programs.

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