NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has identified the 7 people found dead at two homes in Westmoreland. Director David Rausch read the names: 

These victims were found at 1177 Charles Brown Road

  • David Carl Cummins, 51, father of suspect
  • Clara Jane Cummins, 44, mother of suspect
  • Charles Hosale,45, uncle of suspect
  • Rachel Dawn McGlothlin-Pee, 43, relationship to suspect is unknown
  • Sapphire McGlothlin-Pee, 12, daughter of Rachel 
  • Marsha Elizabeth Nuckols, 64, mother of Rachel

One victim found at 1555 Luby Brown Road:

  • Shirley D. Fehrle, 67, relationship unclear

An 8th victim who survived is described as a relative of the suspect and remains hospitalized. 

The TBI identified Michael Cummins, 25, as the suspect in the killings. He was wounded by a police officer during the capture and remains in the hospital. Cummins has not been formally charged yet.  

The  TBI is now calling the Westmoreland murders “the deadliest homicide event in Tennessee in at least 20 years.”

Director Rausch used strong and disturbing words to describe the murder scene, saying, “It’s not only complex but horrific. Gruesome would be the best adjective to use to describe it.”

But he declined to say what weapon was used to commit the murders.  

With six victims in one home, collecting and analyzing the evidence will take a long time, according to Crime Lab Supervisor Jenifer Hall, who said the evidence is “extremely fragile.” 

Sonny Weatherford, Sumner County Sheriff said, “This is one of the worst things that I’ve ever been involved with in Sumner County.  We need to have prayers for the family and anyone involved around that family.  The community, it’s a small community and this has been terrible for anyone who knew these people or lives in that area.”

This developing story will be updated as more information is available