Nine Mississippians are Gold Award Girl Scouts


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Girl Scouts, Inc. awarded nine Mississippians with the highest honor a Girl Scout can earn. The following nine Mississippi young women are “Gold Award Girl Scouts.”

Alicia, Troop 5664, Madison, MS, attended Mississippi School for Math and Science

Project Title: “Model Mississippi, Tracking Change” “Mississippi continues to be perceived as a state living in the past. I hope to replace the statue of James Zachariah George, one of the state’s strongest white supremacy statesmen during the reconstruction era, which is currently in the National Sanctuary Hall in Washington D.C. His is one of two statues representing Mississippi. My project was to educate and engage Mississippi students on how to take an idea and turn it into a law while developing and implementing a grassroots campaign to introduce a bill to replace the statue.”

Anna Claire, Troop 4818, Mendenhall, MS, Homeschooled

Project Title: “Lower the Pet Population” “There is an over-population of animals in almost every community due to lack of resources to spay or neuter. In many cases, owners simply do not have the funds to get their animals spayed or neutered due to economic circumstances. This also affects shelters that rely heavily on donations to cover the costs. My project involved developing a partnership with a local vet to offer these services at a lower cost than normal. I also organized supplies to our local shelter created education materials about the importance of spaying and neutering and provided cages to help catch stray animals so that could receive the services. An additional outcome that resulted from the project was the adoption of several of the animals, thus reducing the burden of care on the shelter.”

Annalee, Troop 4014, Gulfport, MS, attended Gulfport High School

Project Title: “A Pathway to Success” “The first part of my project focuses on the development of a sensory path at Bayou View Elementary School for kids with Autism, ADD, and ADHD that will calm and regulate their bodies effectively in their classrooms. The path is designed so that students can complete simple tasks and complete a series of physical and gross motor activities to reconnect the brain’s pathway. This leads to better focus. My interest in developing this project stemmed from the fact that there are not many programs that address issues faced in their classrooms every day. The second part of my project was to post positive and encouraging sayings in the bathrooms at BVE in an effort to encourage positive self-esteem among the students. The most rewarding part of my project was the development of the sensory path. It felt good to contribute something to the kids in my community that will last for years to come.”

Brianna, Troop 5841, Terry, MS, attended Terry High School

Project Title: “Revitalization of a World Class Band” “My high school band was storing music in a music library that lacked organization. This resulted in lost time looking for sheet music and general frustration among the band members. My goal was to an organized digital system to locate and store music that could also be used manually. To complete this goal, I raised funds to purchase software, built cabinetry to store manual music, purchased 400 sheet music folders and created a digital system that made locating music very simple. Practice time increased and members renewed sense of pride in our band.”

Chelsea, Troop 6531, Seminary, MS, attended Seminary High School

Project Title: “Music Matters” “Many people have an interest in music but have little or no resources to explore that avenue. Music is a universal language that can serve as a way to quiet your mind, relax, and can even ease depression. For people who live in economically depressed circumstances, this opportunity is even harder to attain. My project focused on developing a curriculum to teach basic piano skills to students who attended our local Boys & Girls Club as well as children in the community. They learned music theory, keyboarding, short musical tunes and finally, hymnals. They held several recitals to show what they learned and to encourage others to develop their passion for music. The project was a great learning experience for the students and for myself.”

Jessica, Troop 3333, Jackson, MS, attended St. Joseph Catholic School

Project Title: “H2 – Hope and Help to conquer Hunger and Hygiene” “My project addresses the issue of poor nutrition and self-esteem among the poor elderly and children in my community. I worked closely with the Parkway Pantry to develop a “Bubble Bank” that will distribute personal hygiene items in addition to the food they distribute and established an ongoing collection drive to keep it stocked. A location within their building was created for the Bubble Bank. I also worked with a team of experts to create literature that would be distributed through the pantry regarding the need for good health and hygiene. The information is also available on their website.”

Kylee, Troop 5012, Hazlehurst, MS attended Hazlehurst High School

Project Title: “Scary Ride: Transitioning from Middle School to High School” “Transitioning from middle school to high school can be a stressful experience for students. Through the development of print material and events, I have created an opportunity for parents, students, and educators to gain knowledge about the stressors that can happen to students making this transition and learn coping skills to make the transition easier.”

Madison, Troop 5149, Pearl, MS, attended Richland High School

Project Title: “Comfort through Colors” “Cancer, at any age is devastating. But for children, a cancer diagnosis can be particularly scary and confusing. Through my own personal experience, I know that understanding can make the treatment process less intimidating. My project used art to explain cancer and its impact on children through the development and distribution of a coloring book with colors. The book, which is now copyrighted, was also upload online and is available at Distribution sites included local oncology and cancer centers, UMMC, Ronald McDonald House, St. Dominic and Baptist cancer center as well as many others. I also created a social media blog entitled Comfort through Colors on YouTube so that others could view my story and the coloring book. My takeaway from this project is that time is a precious jewel.”

Pamela, Troop 6531, Seminary, MS, attended Seminary High School

Project Title: “Honoring Heroes” “Many of our country’s veterans were laid to rest in cemeteries that had poor record-keeping and poor maintenance. As a result, there are veteran graves all over Covington County that have not received the attention and care befitting of our nation’s heroes. My project was to research and locate veteran graves at cemeteries around the county; clean the gravesites, install a small American flag at each, and document the grave’s location. This information was combined and put into books that were distributed to the local genealogical society, library, and to other community resources. My project was completed in memory of my grandfather, who was a veteran, and my grandmother, both of whom passed away during this process.”

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