No handouts for panhandlers in Hattiesburg


Hattiesburg adopted an ordinance Wednesday to discourage some particularly aggressive panhandlers in the area.

12 News Justin DeVonn went to the city meeting and talked to leaders like Mayor Toby Barker who says this is meant to keep people safe.

“Intersections, roadways, public buildings, those are not going to be available for panhandling anymore, the only place folks can panhandle is private property with permission from the owner,” he said.

While most of the city’s panhandlers are homeless, the mayor explains this will actually help folks get the right kind of help from the right places.

“And so we think taking this approach where we are making sure the city is working its best to pair people with resources that can help them but, also looking out and giving some guidelines on trying to roll back this more aggressive panhandling which is a public safety issue for our residents.”

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