Northeast Jackson community finds creative ways to make the best of flooding


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Evacuations continue across Jackson, specifically between Old Canton Road and the Pearl River where water is already over roads.

There are important updates from first responders and people are taking action, but also making the best of this.

This is Rollingwood Dr. right off Old Canton Rd. and people have made a campfire in the street right next to the flood coming up by the road, taking a valentines evening break from packing up what they can.

Surrounded by neighbors, friends, and family, people along Rollingwood popped open some drinks and gathered around the fire pit.

“Can’t fight Mother Nature, so we might as well join her and we’re going to have a good attitude,” Pete Flood said. “We could be sitting around and mopping our house might get ruined, or we could be with friends having a good time.”

While the music played, water inched closer to the Flood family’s house, forcing them to rearrange some furniture and pack up what they can.

“We moved our couch, our washer and dryer, refrigerator,” Flood continued. “We moved them out to my brother’s house. We’ve got our bedroom downstairs, we’re going to sleep there tonight with one eye open.”

“We need to move everything that’s downstairs upstairs,” Avery Flood said. “And we put our dining room table on cinder blocks.”

Families like the Crews across the street have also been lending a hand helping neighbors impacted move out and park their cars on high ground. But plan to wait out the flood at their home.

“Until my mother comes and pulls me out of this house or my wife, we’ll probably hang tight,” Patrick Crews said. “And be here for the neighbors. But I’ll get the kids out of course.”

The Pearl River is expected to reach 38-ft. by Saturday night, so in response, Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba has extended sandbag pick up hours on Michael Avalon St. and opened up shelters.

“The police training academy will be available for individuals as a long term shelter,” Mayor Lumumba said. “That is located at 3000 St. Charles St. The hours to receive sandbags has been extended from 8:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.”

Other parts of this community off Old Canton have already gone completely underwater including Yucca Dr. But many are not permanently abandoning their homes because as the people here put it, “once a Rollingwoodian always a Rollingwoodian.”

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