Officers rescue missing boy in Rankin County


RANKIN COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV)- A family is thanking law enforcement in Rankin County for helping them find their missing son one day before his birthday.

Courtney Buzek said it’s not unusual for her son Bycen to play outside in their yard, but on Friday, June 19, the unexpected happen– he had gone missing.

“I just couldn’t find him. He wasn’t out there. I went around the house screaming and calling his name,” said Courtney.

Trying not to panic, she called her husband Jonathan and 9-1-1.

An hour passed and Brycen was still nowhere to be found.

“He had shown interest in another short trail, so I wen’t that way, went all the way up to the neighbor’s house, knocked on the door, looked around, came back down, and went through the woods all the way that way because he’s been there before. By the time I had gotten to this other trail, [law enforcement] had said they found him,” expressed Courtney.

Brycen’s parents said the moment they saw officers walking out of the woods holding their son is a moment they will never forget.

“I had tunnel vision when I had come up I could just see him and what appeared to be 12 officers out of my peripheral and I just cried uncontrollably out of pure joy of just seeing him.”

Not only did they celebrate their son’s rescue, but also his fourth birthday on Saturday, June 20.

The Buzek’s said they are thankful for the superheros that rescued their son.

“We are thankful to have a response team that could come and tackle the whole area at one time. I cannot thank them enough. Words can’t express how grateful we are.”


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